Monday May 26th will mark the return of a Night of Destruction to Quincy Raceways. Below you will find a link to a PRELIMINARY set of rules and plans. We invite your feeback on this program, format and rules through the end of February. We will post a final set of classes and rules on March 1st after we have been able to gauge interest from prospective participants in this format.

The currently plan is for the following:

1. An open “outlaw” Figure 8 race paying $1,000 to win

2. A Trailer race paying $500 to win

3. A Chain Race paying $250 to win

4.  A 4 Cylinder Invitational featuring 4 unique events with a possible $300 to win them all

5. A Tough Truck competition paying $250 to win.

Please send comments by email to [email protected] or text or call Kenny at 217-371-3653

A complete set of rules can be downloaded HERE.