Due to the large number of recent rainouts, we are going to make some changes to our schedule over the next few weeks to have more points races for some classes as well as some other changes.

1. This Sunday, June 29th the Miller Lite Modifieds will be racing for track points.  Earlier when we anticipated having several more events under our belt by this point and a healthier car count, we thought it might be a good night to allow a few of the Modifieds to travel to our Summer Nationals show at Lincoln without worrying about giving up points positions at Quincy.  Given the limited number of points nights so far at Quincy as well as a Modified count that varies greatly week to week, we would prefer to keep those cars in Quincy racing for points for the Quincy fans.   We still are going to give the Late Models the week off because we feel that it would be a very weak night for Late Model car count with the Summer Nationals also in Central Illinois.  Other classes running besides Modifieds will be Winged Sprints, Summy Tire Sportmods, Powder Coat Plus Stock Cars and IMCA Sport Compacts.
2.  On Saturday July 5th, we will be hosting the Lucas Oil MWEDT Racing Series which is a National Quad racing group.   See their website at www.mwedtracing.com for classes and details.
3. On Sunday July 6th we will add Sportmods to our schedule of classes to hold our Mid Season Championship night that was rained out this past week along with the MOWA Sprint cars as originally scheduled..
4.On Sunday July 13th we will add 305 sprint cars as an additional class.  We are doing this temporarily every few weeks to add to the show while we have had some lower car counts in our weekly classes in an effort to add more to the show.  We will monitor this going forward and as car counts build in our weekly classes and if the additional 305 class starts to extend our show, we will go back to our 5 classes of weekly racing as originally scheduled.   None of our weekly classes getting ‘replaced’ by the sprint cars.  However, we feel it is a class where we can have a decent car count and add to the strength of our program every few weeks.
5.  We are going to re-examine our plan of having an automatic special each week for different classes.  To date these extra purses have not helped the car count as anticipated.  We will try to have more infrequent, but bigger and more well-planned specials throughout the remainder of the season and try to have one or more for each of our classes.
These changes will be reflected on our schedule shortly.