Past the Pit Gate
by Danny Rosencrans

June 8 - If you did not take a chance on the Tuesday night reschedule at Quincy Raceways, you missed some of the very best racing of 2011. After seven Sunday washouts in ten weeks, Tony and Paul came through on their earlier promise to try Tuesday night make ups after school was out. Given the fact that it was the first such attempt, given the 95 degree heat, given the fact if was a week night, given the fact there was a Deery Brothers Summer Series late model race in Iowa, and given the fact that the IMCA classes could not be awarded points, the whole deal had a lot of potential pitfalls. So the 56 car field was a pleasant surprise, with four of the five classes drawing average or better fields. Amazingly, it was the UMP modifieds, who were running for track as well as national and state points who were short on cars with eleven.

The crowd was less than  Sunday night sized, but was apparently good enough, as the experiment is set to continue as needed. And given the forecast of rain again this Sunday... Incredibly, mid season championship night is two and a half weeks away, and QR has only one late model point night in the books. That means that if we are able to race for points this week, it will still be a draw, redraw night for the late models.

  The 14 car turnout in the late model class was a pleasant surprise, with Jake Griffin again allowed to compete with his crate engine, and Tom Goble making the trek south from Burlington. The LM feature was the highlight of the night, with numerous lead changes. Joey Gower was in charge early, before Denny Woodworth powered by and checked out. Dennys car seemed to fade, and Lonnie Bailey soon took over. A restart saw Woodworth again take the top spot, but agsin his ride " went away " as the  laps piled up, and Gower came back with six laps to go to retake the lead and pick up the win. Keith Pratt, Bailey, Darin Weisinger , and goble chased the front two across the stripe. A three car pile up in heat number one saw Dustin Neese get upside down, partially on Weisingers ride. Although his car looked to have quite a bit of damage, Dustin came back to run the entire feature. Bill Genenbacher was also caught up in the melee, made it back out for the feature and again left on the hook after being in the wrong place!

  The UMP mods ran the last feature, but it was an entertaining one, and the shortage of cars may have actually made for better racing, with few caution periods. Shawn Deering sat on the pole, still in search of his first feature win, while Festus, Missouri ace Rusty Griffaw, who had the outside draw, made the long drive north in search of UMP points. Deering took the low groove to an early lead, while Griffaw clearly had set his mount up to run the top lane. Unfortunately for him, the top groove was pretty well gone by the time the open wheelers took to the speedway for the nights final event. As the two # 16s battled, Jared Schlipman inched forward, passing first Griffaw, then Deering with six laps to go. A restart one lap later allowed Jared to pick the bottom groove, and he powered to the victory. Once again, Deering settled for the runner up slot, with Griffaw besting Dave Weitholder for third.

  Aaron Brocksieck returned to the winners circle for the fourth time  in the stock car 15 lapper, topping an eight car field in a non stop event. Aaron started up front and led the distance, although Kevin Tomlinson, who has captured the only feature Brocksieck did not win, put pressure on in the closing laps. Jerry Jansen held off Gabe Harrison for third. Terry Houston was among the front fronnerers when a flat tire ended his run on the final lap. The hobby stocks measured 13 stong, with all starting the 20 lap finale. Bobby Anders was looking to make it five wins in a row, and started the race in the third row. Jim Powell led lap one, stopping Anders consecutive laps led streak at 76.  By lap two, Bobby was out in front, and he promptly started another streak, leading the final 19 laps for win number five in five tries. Amazingly, Anders has been out front for 95 of 100 feature laps, and is also five for five in heat races. In short, he has not been beat at QR yet in 2011. Anybody think it might be " bounty time? " Steve Carlin patiently worked his way to second, but could not over take the leader. Jkae Powers and Adam Scott completed the top four.

  Ten Wild Things came to race, with Bill Michel again making the pull from Farmington, Iowa, and Todd Nelson chcking in from Springfield,Il. But it was Casey Kendrick, from New London, Mo. who took off from the front row, and quickly built a big lead. It took Nelson and Michel several laps to work their way forward, but when they did, Kendrick remained in charge. Devin Still garbbed fourth in the 12 lapper.

  All in all, it was one of the best nights of 2011 at QR, and despite a later weeknight starting time of 7:00, the final checkers waved about 9:40. The Tuesday night deal may work fine, but heres hoping we can have racing this Sunday atQuincy Raceways - the way it was meant to be!






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