Griffin, Wietholder, Huls, Dunker, Powers and Wilkerson Score Quincy Checkers
By Jack Walbring


QUINCY, IL (May 20, 2012) - Dustin Griffin, Dave Wietholder, Abe Huls, Tony Dunker, Jake Powers and Nick Wilkerson all scored feature event wins at Quincy Raceways on Sunday May 20 during JR Scrap Metals Night at the Races.

 Griffin became the first two time UMP Super Late Model feature event winner for the 2012 season. Mark Burgtorf took off into the lead of the thirty lap main event and held Griffin at bay until the fifth lap with Griffin gaining the advantage with a nifty high side move. Griffin then held the lead the rest of the way to the checkered flag to claim his second feature win in a row while a battle raged between Burgtorf and Michael Long for the second spot. Long eased ahead of Burgtorf during the closing laps but could never make the pass stick until the final lap when he nailed down the second spot. Burgtorf settled for third, Ricky Frankel fourth and Jason Perry fifth. Griffin and Long were the heat race winners with Burgtorf claiming the dash win.

 Michael Long drew the pole position for the Miller Lite UMP Modified main event with Danny Lake on the outside of row one. Long jumped into the early lead but several caution flags slowed the early laps keeping the field close. David Wietholder stayed on Long’s rear bumper and when a lapped car became an obstacle, Wietholder setup the pick and managed to take the lead with Long battling back into the lead on the next circuit on lap thirteen but Wietholder roared back on lap fourteen and took the lead for good. Steven DeLonjay joined in the war as Long pulled into the pits on the eighteenth lap and kept the pressure on Wietholder until the checkered flag fell on lap twenty five. DeLonjay settled for second followed by Jared Schlipman in third, Shawn Deering in fourth and Robbie Reed in fifth. Lake, Deering and Long were the heat race winners.

 Abe Huls grabbed the lead of the fifteen lap IMCA Stock Car main event at the end of the first circuit and held off all challengers to take his third win of the year. Aaron Brocksieck held on for the second spot followed by Jerry Jansen in third, Terry Houston in fourth and Darin Weisinger in fifth. Michael Larsen was the heat race winner.

 Bobby Anders held the early lead in the IMCA Northern SportMod main event but Tony Dunker was never far behind. A lap eight caution flag setup the restart with Dunker using the middle groove to pull ahead at the end of lap nine. Dunker then went on to claim the feature win with Vance Wilson scoring second followed by Anders in third, Brad Holtmeyer fourth and Joe Bliven in fifth. Anders scored the lone heat race win.

 Jake Powers scored his third feature event win in five starts in the Quincy Hobby Stock main event. Powers held off Brandon Symmonds in second, Jamie Bevill in third, Justin Bevill in fourth and Nathan Hayes in fifth. Symmonds and Brian Hoener were the heat race winners.

 Nick Wilkerson made his first ever trip to Quincy Raceways a memorable one by taking the feature event win in the IMCA Sport Compact division. Wilkerson kept Kimberly Abbott at bay in second, followed by Chuck Fullenkamp in third, Seith Woodruff in fourth and Andrew Davis in fifth. Fullenkamp and Abbott were the heat race winners.

 Coming up next at Quincy Raceways will be the Gem City Ford Night at the Races on Sunday May 27 with racing in all six Quincy Raceways divisions, UMP Super Late Models, Miller Lite UMP Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Northern SportMods, Quincy Hobby Stocks and the IMCA Sport Compacts. Pit Gates open at 2:30, Grandstands at 4:00, Drivers Registration ends at 4:30, Drivers Meeting at 4:30, Hot Laps at 4:45 and Racing at 5:30pm. Visit Quincy Raceways online at or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information.


Quincy Raceways Results


UMP Super Late Models 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 2. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 3. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 4. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 5. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 6. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 7. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 8. Jim Moon (Mount Auburn, IL), 9. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 10. Matthew Bailey (Quincy, IL), 11. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 12. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 13. Kevin Tomlinson (New London, MO), 14. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO), 15. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 16. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 17. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL),  

Dash:1. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 2. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 3. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 4. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 5. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 6. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL),  

Heat 1:1. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 2. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, il), 3. Clint Kirkham (Camden, IL), 4. Jerry Lierly (Camp Point, IL), 5. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 6. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 7. Kevin Tomlinson (New London, MO), 8. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 9. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO),  

Heat 2:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 3. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 4. Jason Perry (Payson, IL), 5. Matthew Bailey (Quincy, IL), 6. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL), 7. Robby Warner (Quincy, IL), 8. Jim Moon (Mount Auburn, IL),


Miller Lite UMP Modifieds 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 2. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 3. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 4. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 5. Robbie Reed (Mexico, Mo), 6. Derrick Carlson (Murrayville, IL), 7. Danny Lake (New London, MO), 8. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 9. Bill Baker (Hannibal, MO), 10. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 11. Steven Theivagt (Virginia, IL), 12. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL), 13. James Leffew (Quincy, IL), 14. Aura Griffith (New London, MO), 15. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 16. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 17. Jim Roach (Saint Patrick, MO), 18. Troy Grotz (Quincy, Il), 19. Robert Thompson (Colchester, IL), 20. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL),  

Heat 1:1. Danny Lake (New London, MO), 2. Robbie Reed (Mexico, Mo), 3. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 4. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL), 5. James Leffew (Quincy, IL), 6. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 7. Aura Griffith (New London, MO),  

Heat 2:1. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 2. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 3. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 4. Ryan Porter (Colchester, IL), 5. Bill Baker (Hannibal, MO), 6. Steven Theivagt (Virginia, IL), 7. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL),  

Heat 3:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. Jake Griffin (Quincy, IL), 3. Troy Grotz (Quincy, Il), 4. Jim Roach (Saint Patrick, MO), 5. Derrick Carlson (Murrayville, IL), 6. Robert Thompson (Colchester, IL),


IMCA Stock Cars 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 2. Aaron Brocksieck (Camp Point, IL), 3. Jerry Jansen (Plainville, IL), 4. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 5. Darin Weisinger (Mendon, IL), 6. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO), 7. Austin Schulte (Keokuk, IA),  

Heat:1. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO), 2. Jerry Jansen (Plainville, IL), 3. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 4. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 5. Darin Weisinger (Mendon, IL), 6. Austin Schulte (Keokuk, IA), 7. Aaron Brocksieck (Camp Point, IL),


Summy Tire & Auto Center IMCA Northern SportMods 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 2. Vance Wilson (Quincy, il), 3. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL), 4. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 5. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 6. Rick Barlow Jr (Montrose, IA), 7. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 8. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 9. Chandler Owens (Golden, IL), 10. Jimmie Fierge (Quincy, IL),  

Heat:1. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL), 2. Vance Wilson (Quincy, il), 3. Rick Barlow Jr (Montrose, IA), 4. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 5. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 6. Michael Bliven (Quincy, IL), 7. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 8. Charles VanZandt (Camp Point, il), 9. Jimmie Fierge (Quincy, IL), 10. Chandler Owens (Golden, IL),


Hobby Stocks 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 2. Brandon Symmonds (Keokuk, IA), 3. Jaime Bevill (Bethel, MO), 4. Justin Bevill (Bethel, MO), 5. Nathan Hayes (Quincy, Il), 6. Nathan Anders (Quincy, IL), 7. Justin Bartz (Quincy, IL), 8. Jeremy Buss (Fowler, Il), 9. Brian Hoener (Golden, IL), 10. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 11. Travis Booher (Quincy, Il), 12. Jeff DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 13. Jim Powell (Hannibal, MO),  

Heat 1:1. Brandon Symmonds (Keokuk, IA), 2. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, Il), 3. Jaime Bevill (Bethel, MO), 4. Jeremy Buss (Fowler, Il), 5. Travis Booher (Quincy, Il), 6. Nathan Hayes (Quincy, Il), 7. Jim Powell (Hannibal, MO),  

Heat 2:1. Brian Hoener (Golden, IL), 2. Nathan Anders (Quincy, IL), 3. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 4. Jeff DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 5. Justin Bevill (Bethel, MO), 6. Justin Bartz (Quincy, IL),


IMCA Sport Compact 5/20/2012

A-Main:1. Nick Wilkerson (Morning Sun, Ia), 2. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 3. Chuck Fullenkamp (Fort Madison, IA), 4. Seith Woodruff (Carthage, IL), 5. Andrew Davis (Keokuk, IA), 6. Robert Thompson (Colchester, il), 7. John Jackson (Concord, IL), 8. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 9. Dakota Anderson (Revere, MO), 10. Laine VanZandt (Camp Point, IL), 11. Thomas Angelo (Chapin, il), 12. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 13. Brandon Gallaher (Quincy, IL), 14. Casey Lambert (Carthage, il), 15. Mike Hornung Jr (Keokuk, IA), 16. Bucky Gallaher (Hannibal, mo),  

Heat 1:1. Chuck Fullenkamp (Fort Madison, IA), 2. Thomas Angelo (Chapin, il), 3. Mike Hornung Jr (Keokuk, IA), 4. Seith Woodruff (Carthage, IL), 5. Andrew Davis (Keokuk, IA), 6. Dakota Anderson (Revere, MO), 7. Laine VanZandt (Camp Point, IL), 8. Bucky Gallaher (Hannibal, mo),  

Heat 2:1. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 2. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 3. Robert Thompson (Colchester, il), 4. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 5. John Jackson (Concord, IL), 6. Nick Wilkerson (Morning Sun, Ia), 7. Casey Lambert (Carthage, il), 8. Brandon Gallaher (Quincy, IL),


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