Reed Sews Up Quincy IMCA Late Model Title with Tie Breaker 

QUINCY, IL (August 28, 2011) - The anticipation of the Season Championship event for the Budweiser IMCA Late Models was high as the TnT Action Sports Harley Davidson Night at the Races began to unfold. Justin Reed and Lonnie Bailey went into the final pointís night for the Budweiser IMCA Late Models in a virtual tie in the pointís standing and after the Season Championship main event was run, the pointís total for both drivers came out in the same tie, but Justin Reed scored his first ever Track Championship with the tie breaker as he won four pointís feature events during the season as compared to Baileyís one. Lonnie Bailey scored two points for his second place finish in the first heat race with Reed being shut out of pointís in the second heat race setting up a scenario where Reed had to finish the Season Championship feature event at least two positions ahead of Bailey. Reed started the main event on the pole with Bailey to his outside and when the green flag flew to start the 30 lap main event, Reed jumped into the lead with Bailey keeping the pressure on as he rode the cushion. Reed held Bailey at bay for the first twenty circuits then Denny Woodworth worked his way past Bailey to take over the second spot. Woodworth closed the gap to Reed but as the checkered flag fell on lap 30, Reed was safely home in the top spot. Woodworth settled for the second spot with Bailey in third, Joey Gower in fourth and Keith Pratt in fifth. Darin Weisinger and Jason Perry took the heat race wins.

 Donovan Lodge jumped into the lead of the twenty five lap Miller Lite UMP Modified feature event at the drop of the green flag but Shawn Deering powered by to lead laps two through six. Michael Long blasted past Deering on lap seven and never looked back to score his fifth feature win in seven starts as the stretch drive starts for the final three pointís events of the season at Quincy. Steven DeLonjay made a valiant charge to the second spot but had to settle for the second spot followed by Deering in third, David Wietholder in fourth and Jim Roach in fifth. Mark Burgtorf and Jim Roach were the heat race winners. DeLonjay now holds a significant lead in the pointís standings as he leads Jared Schlipman by a one hundred thirty point margin.

 Ten Triple R Performance Engines IMCA Stock Cars signed in to do battle with three new drivers attending for the first time this season. Jerry Jansen led the first seven laps but Terry Houston worked his way through the field to challenge and take the lead on lap 8. Houston then held off Andrew Griffin for the final twelve laps to claim his first feature event win of the season. Griffin managed to take second followed by Jansen in third, Abe Huls in fourth and Kevin Tomlinson in fifth. Griffin and Ryan Cook scored the heat race victories. Aaron Brocksieck lead in the pointís chase has closed to five over Houston with only two pointís nights remaining for the IMCA Stock Cars this season.

 The Karl Chevrolet IMCA Northern Sport Mods participated in their third event of the four scheduled for the 2011 season at Quincy and they put on quite a show as Tony Dunker and Joe Blivens battled for the win. Dunker scored the victory with Blivens in second followed by Rick Barlow in third, Bob Woodrow in fourth and Brandon Ruffcorn in fifth. Brandon Dale took the lone heat race win. Dunker and Blivenís are now tired as the two battle for the first ever Quincy Raceways Northern Sport Mod Track Championship with only one event remaining on the season for the Sport Mods.

 Jake Powers pulled out a narrow win in the KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stock main event over Steve Carlin. Bobby Anders recovered from an early race incident to claim third ahead of Tanner Klingele in fourth and Jeremy Buss in fifth. Carlin and Bobby Anders took the heat race wins. Carlin now holds a twenty point lead over Powerís in his quest for his fifth Hobby Stock Track Championship with three pointís event left.

 Seith Woodruff scored his second feature win of the season in the Summy Tire and Auto Center Wild Things after a close battle with Kimberly Abbott. Abbott settled for the second spot followed by Robert Thompson in third, Craig Bangert in fourth and Austin Uppinghouse in fifth. Mike Hornung took the heat race win. Woodruff now has an eighteen point advantage of Casey Kendrick in the pointís chase.

 The Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders make their second appearance of the season at Quincy Raceways this coming Sunday September 4 joining the Budweiser Late Models, Miller Lite UMP Modifieds, Triple R Performance Engines IMCA Stock Cars, KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stocks and the Summy Tire and Auto Center Wild Things during the Sullivan Auctioneers Night at the Races. Visit Quincy Raceways online at or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information. There will be a Press Release on Monday August 29 concerning the technical specifications for the Budweiser Late Models as they complete the rest of the season.


8/28/2011 - Quincy Raceways Results...                                                                                                              

Budweiser IMCA Late Models

Season Championship A-Main --  1. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 2. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 3. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 4. Joey Gower, Quincy; 5. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 6. Jason Perry, Payson; 7. Clint Kirkham, Camden; 8. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 9. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 10. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 11. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo.; 12. Darin Weisinger, Mendon.

Heat 1 --  1. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 2. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 3. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 4. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 5. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 6. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo..

Heat 2 --  1. Jason Perry, Payson; 2. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 3. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 4. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 5. Clint Kirkham, Camden.


Miller Lite UMP Modifieds

A-Main --  1. Michael Long, Quincy; 2. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 3. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 4. David Wietholder, Liberty; 5. Jim Roach, Saint Patrick, Mo.; 6. Donovan Lodge, Moline; 7. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 8. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 9. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 10. Terry Wilson, Bowling Green, Mo.; 11. Todd Reed, Quincy; 12. Bill Baker, Hannibal, Mo.; 13. Jason Kessler, macomb; 14. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy.

Heat 01 --  1. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy; 2. Michael Long, Quincy; 3. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 4. David Wietholder, Liberty; 5. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 6. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 7. Bill Baker, Hannibal, Mo.; 8. Vance Wilson, Quincy.

Heat 02 --  1. Jim Roach, Saint Patrick, Mo.; 2. Donovan Lodge, Moline; 3. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 4. Todd Reed, Quincy; 5. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 6. Terry Wilson, Bowling Green, Mo.; 7. Jason Kessler, macomb.


Triple Performance Engine IMCA Stock Cars

A-Main --  1. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 2. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 3. Jerry Jansen, Plainville; 4. Abe Huls, Carthage; 5. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 6. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 7. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 8. Charles VanZandt, Camp Point; 9. Ryan Cook, New London, Iowa; 10. Jeff DeLonjay, Quincy.

Heat 1 --  1. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 2. Abe Huls, Carthage; 3. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 4. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 5. Jeff DeLonjay, Quincy.

Heat 2 --  1. Ryan Cook, New London, Iowa; 2. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 3. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 4. Charles VanZandt, Camp Point; 5. Jerry Jansen, Plainville.


Karl Chevrolet IMCA Northern Sport Mods

A-Main --  1. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 2. Michael Bliven, Quincy; 3. Rick Barlow Jr, Montrose, Iowa; 4. Bob Woodrow, Hannibal, Mo.; 5. Brandon Ruffcorn, Donnellson, Iowa; 6. Aaron Penick, Kirksville, Mo.; 7. Brandon Dale, gorin, Mo.; 8. Levi Smith, Donnellson, Iowa; 9. Tom Elson, Shelbina, Mo..

Heat 1 --  1. Brandon Dale, gorin, Mo.; 2. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 3. Michael Bliven, Quincy; 4. Bob Woodrow, Hannibal, Mo.; 5. Rick Barlow Jr, Montrose, Iowa; 6. Aaron Penick, Kirksville, Mo.; 7. Levi Smith, Donnellson, Iowa; 8. Tom Elson, Shelbina, Mo.; 9. Brandon Ruffcorn, Donnellson, Iowa.


KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stocks

A-Main --  1. Jake Powers, Plainville; 2. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 3. Bobby Anders, Hull; 4. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 5. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 6. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 7. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 8. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 9. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 10. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 11. Adam Scott, Payson.

Heat 1 --  1. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 2. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 3. Jake Powers, Plainville; 4. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 5. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 6. Justin Bartz, Quincy.

Heat 2 --  1. Bobby Anders, Hull; 2. Adam Scott, Payson; 3. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 4. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 5. Nathan Hayes, Quincy.


Summy Tire & Auto Center Wild Things

A-Main --  1. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 2. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 3. Robert Thompson, Macomb; 4. Craig Bangert, Golden; 5. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 6. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 7. Wayne Dejaynes, Griggsville; 8. Mike Hornung Jr, Keokuk, Iowa; 9. Todd Nelson, Springfield, iIl.

Heat 1 --  1. Mike Hornung Jr, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. Todd Nelson, Springfield, iIl; 3. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 4. Robert Thompson, Macomb; 5. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 6. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 7. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 8. Wayne Dejaynes, Griggsville; 9. Craig Bangert, Golden.


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