Reed, DeLonjay, Huls, Powers and Abbott Take Quincy Checkers
By Jack Walbring 

QUINCY, IL (July 17, 2011) - Justin Reed, Steven DeLonjay, Abe Huls, Jake Powers and Kimberly Abbott all took feature event wins during Poage Auto Plaza & Ursa Farmer Coop Night at the Races at Quincy Raceways on Sunday, July 17.

 Denny Woodworth blasted into the lead of the Budweiser IMCA Late Model main event from his fourth row starting spot on the fourth lap and looked to be on his way to his second points feature win of the season but Justin Reed had other ideas. Woodworth worked the high line to pull out to a comfortable margin but Reed made the low groove work as he slowly reeled in Woodworth by the eighteenth lap. Reed made the pass for the lead on lap nineteen and pulled away to a comfortable margin to claim his second points feature event win of the season. Reed’s win pulled him into a one point lead in the standings over Lonnie Bailey. Woodworth held on for second followed by Joey Gower in third, Keith Pratt in fourth and Matt Bailey in fifth. Pratt and Matt Bailey were the heat race winners.

 Eighteen Miller Lite UMP Modifieds signed in to do battle Sunday evening and it was a wild main event as several caution periods brought the action to a stop in turn one. Steven DeLonjay started the main event on the outside of row two and inherited the lead on lap three after early leader Troy Grotz spun to bring out a caution flag. DeLonjay then proceeded to dominate the field to take his sixth feature win of the season. Jared Schlipman made a valiant charge to catch the fleet DeLonjay but had to settle for second followed by Tony Dunker in third, Vance Wilson in fourth and Jim Roach in fifth. DeLonjay, Dave Wietholder and Steve Grotz were the heat race winners.

 Abe Huls too the lead from his third row starting spot on lap two and held back a hard charging Aaron Brocksieck to take the win in the Triple R Performance Engines IMCA Stock Car main event. Huls worked the bottom groove to perfection with Brocksieck charging hard on the cushion to take a three tenths of a second win. The third spot went to Kevin Tomlinson followed by Andrew Griffin in fourth and Terry Houston in fifth. Andrew Griffin took the lone heat race win.

 Jake Powers used his outside front row starting spot to his advantage as he jumped into the lead on the second lap only to find Nathan Anders nipping at his heals in the KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stock main event.. Anders slipped past Powers for the lead on the sixth lap and held the top spot for until Powers powered by on lap eleven to regain the lead. Powers then held off Anders for the remaining laps to take his first feature event win of the 2011 season over Anders in second, Steve Carlin in third, Nathan Hayes in fourth and Tanner Klingele in fifth. Powers and Brandon Symmonds were the heat race winners.

 Kimberly Abbott picked up her first ever feature event win in the Summy Tire & Auto Center Wild Things but she had to really work hard for the win. Austin led the first two circuits but Abbott got by for the lead on lap three. She then held Uppinghouse at bay for the next six laps until Seth Woodruff, who recovered from a turn one incident earlier in the race, powered into the second spot on lap ten. Woodruff held onto second until the final lap when Todd Nelson powered into the runner up spot. Woodruff settled for third followed by Thomas Angelo in fourth and Uppinghouse in fifth. Robert Thompson and Casey Kendrick were the heat race winners.

 Mark Twain Casino is sponsoring the famous Nickel Dash for the kids on Sunday July 24, the next event at Quincy Raceways. The return of the Spectator Drags will also premier at the “Broadway Bullring” as the street car drivers will race side by side in an elimination format. Spectator Drag participants must register and sign a waiver at the pit gates by 7:00pm to participate. Drivers will be required to bring their own helmets. Visit Quincy Raceways online at or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information. Pit Gates open at 3:30, Grandstands at 4:30, Drivers Registration ends at 5:30 with the Drivers Meeting at 5:30. Hot Laps are at 5:45 and Racing starts at 6:30pm.


7/17/2011 - Quincy Raceways Results...                                                                                                              

Budweiser IMCA Late Models

A-Main --  1. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 2. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 3. Joey Gower, Quincy; 4. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 5. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 6. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 7. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 8. Clint Kirkham, Camden; 9. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 10. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 11. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo..

Heat 1 --  1. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 2. Joey Gower, Quincy; 3. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 4. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 5. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 6. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo..

Heat 2 --  1. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 2. Justin Reed, Collinsville, Il.; 3. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 4. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 5. Clint Kirkham, Camden.


Miller Lite UMP Modifieds

A-Main --  1. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 2. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 3. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 4. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 5. Jim Roach, Kahoka, Mo.; 6. Frankie Wellman, Quincy; 7. Ryan Meyer, Liberty; 8. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 9. David Wietholder, Liberty; 10. Todd Reed, Quincy; 11. Steven Grotz, Quincy; 12. Craig Spegal, New London, Mo.; 13. Troy Grotz, Quincy; 14. Patrick Phillips, Macomb; 15. James Leffew, Quincy; 16. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 17. Ben Huff, Fowler; 18. Adam Birck, Canton, Mo..

Heat 1 --  1. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 2. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 3. Todd Reed, Quincy; 4. Ryan Meyer, Liberty; 5. Craig Spegal, New London, Mo.; 6. Ben Huff, Fowler.

Heat 2 --  1. David Wietholder, Liberty; 2. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 3. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 4. Jim Roach, Kahoka, Mo.; 5. Frankie Wellman, Quincy; 6. James Leffew, Quincy.

Heat 3 --  1. Steven Grotz, Quincy; 2. Troy Grotz, Quincy; 3. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 4. Tony Dunker, Quincy; 5. Adam Birck, Canton, Mo.; 6. Patrick Phillips, Macomb.


Triple Performance Engine IMCA Stock Cars

A-Main --  1. Abe Huls, Carthage; 2. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 3. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 4. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 5. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 6. Jerry Jansen, Plainville; 7. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 8. Kelly Bartz, Quincy.

Heat 1 --  1. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 2. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 3. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 4. Abe Huls, Carthage; 5. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 6. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 7. Kelly Bartz, Quincy; 8. Jerry Jansen, Plainville.


KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stocks

A-Main --  1. Jake Powers, Plainville; 2. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 3. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 4. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 5. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 6. Adam Scott, Payson; 7. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 8. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 9. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 10. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 11. Wesley Mayfield, Hull.

Heat 1 --  1. Jake Powers, Plainville; 2. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 3. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 4. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 5. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 6. Justin Bartz, Quincy.

Heat 2 --  1. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. Wesley Mayfield, Hull; 3. Adam Scott, Payson; 4. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 5. Tanner Klingele, Quincy.


Summy Tire & Auto Center Wild Things

A-Main --  1. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 2. Todd Nelson, Springfield, iIl; 3. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 4. Thomas Angelo, Chapin; 5. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 6. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 7. Robert Thompson, Macomb; 8. Jen Reedy, macomb; DNS. Craig Bangert, Golden.

Heat 1 --  1. Robert Thompson, Macomb; 2. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 3. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 4. Todd Nelson, Springfield, iIl; 5. Jen Reedy, macomb.

Heat 2 --  1. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 2. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 3. Thomas Angelo, Chapin; 4. Craig Bangert, Golden.


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