Mother Nature Finally Cooperates for Quincy Raceways
By Jack Walbring 

QUINCY, IL (May30, 2011) - Mother Nature brought out the sun on Memorial Day, Monday May 30 and Quincy Raceways was able to get the Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders special event in. Six classes, including the Sprint Invaders took to the track and put on quite a night of racing.

 The Sprint Invaders twenty five lap main event took to the track with twenty three cars lined up to do battle in their first event to not be washed out this season. Been Waggoner jumped into the lead at the drop of the green flag and looked good to lead the first eleven circuits but a lap ten caution flag brought Mark Shinshekan onto his bumper. Shinshekan got past to take the lead on lap twelve his time at the lead spot was for only two laps as Jimmy Moughan blasted into the lead after a caution on lap thirteen. Moughan then survived at the front of the field fighting off the challenges of Kaley Gharst over the final laps to take his first Sprint Invader feature win of the season. Gharst settled for second followed by Justin Parrish in third, Shinshekan in fourth and Donnie Steward in fifth. The heat race wins went to Ryan Beechler, Brett Triplett and Shinshekan with grabbing the win in the dash.

 Lonnie Bailey took the lead from his pole starting spot in the Budweiser IMCA Late Model main event and pulled to a comfortable margin until a caution flag brought the field together for a lap three restart. Denny Woodworth had pulled into third for that restart and set his sights on Bailey after clearing Robby Warner on the next lap. Woodworth and Bailey battled heavily for the lead for the next eight laps with Woodworth finally taking over the top spot on lap twelve. Woodworth pulled to a one second lead over the next several laps but Bailey started to cut back into his lead during the final five laps to close the gap to a half second at the checkered flag on lap thirty. Bailey settled for second followed by Joey Gower in third, Jake Griffin in fourth and Robbie Warner in fifth. Gower and Bailey were the heat race winners.

 Shawn Deering and Steven DeLonjay put on quite a show in the twenty five lap Miller Lite UMP Modified main event as Deering held the lead for the first fifteen circuits with DeLonjay fighting his way side by side with Deering for several laps until getting past for the lead on the sixteenth lap. DeLonjay held off Deering through several caution periods over the remaining laps to claim his first win of the 2011 season. Deering settled for second followed by Dave Wietholder in third, Ryan Meyer in fourth and Jared Schlipman in fifth. Delonjay, Michael Long and Vance Wilson were the heat race winners.

 Kevin Tomlinson scored the feature event win in the Triple R Performance Engines IMCA Stock Cars after a terrific race. Abe Huls settled for second followed by Jerry Jansen in third, Beau Taylor in fourth and Terry Houston in fifth. Aaron Brocksieck and Houston were the heat race winners.

 Bobby Anders continued his dominance of the KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stock division as he picked up his fourth consecutive main event win. Brandon Symmonds scored the second spot with Steve Carlin in third, Jake Powers in fourth and Tanner Klingele in fifth. Symmonds and Anders claimed the heat race wins.

 William Michel took the win in the Summy Tire and Auto Center Wild Thing main event followed by Craig Bangert in second, Seith Woodruff in third, Brandon Bangert in fourth and Austin Uppinghouse in fifth. Michel and Chuck Fullenkamp took the heat race wins.

Coming up next at Quincy Raceways on Sunday June 5 will be the Heetco Propane/Quincy Auto Credit Kids Candy Dash Night at the Races. Pit Gates open at 3:30, Grandstands at 4:30, Drivers Meeting and Registration ending at 5:30, Hot Laps at 5:45 and Racing at 6:30pm. Visit Quincy Raceways online at or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information.


5/30/2011 - Quincy Raceways Results...                                                                                                              

Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders

A-Main 01 --  1. Jim Moughan, Springfield; 2. Kaley Gharst, Decatur; 3. Justin Parrish, Oquawka; 4. Mark Shirshekan, Farmington, Mo.; 5. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, Iowa; 6. Bret Tripplett, lincoln; 7. Bobby Mincer, Burlington, Iowa; 8. Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, Iowa; 9. Matt Sutton, Macomb; 10. Jordan Goldesberry, Springfield; 11. Ryan Beechler, McKinney, Texas; 12. Joe Beaver, Knoxville, Iowa; 13. Mark Tischer, Hannibal, Mo.; 14. Ben Wagoner, Emden; 15. John Greenwood, Woodward, Iowa; 16. Jimmy Davies, Oquawka; 17. ANDY HUSTON, ROSEVILLE; 18. Kenny Bragg, Gilson; 19. Jami Losher, Pekin; 20. CJ Houseman, Des Moines, Iowa; 21. Joey Moughan, Loami; 22. Seth Willee, Burlington, Iowa; 23. Dustin Whiting, Burlington, Iowa.

Heat 01 --  1. Ryan Beechler, McKinney, Texas; 2. Ben Wagoner, Emden; 3. ANDY HUSTON, ROSEVILLE; 4. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, Iowa; 5. Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, Iowa; 6. Seth Willee, Burlington, Iowa; 7. John Greenwood, Woodward, Iowa.

Heat 02 --  1. Bret Tripplett, Lincoln; 2. Kaley Gharst, Decatur; 3. Jim Moughan, Springfield; 4. Bobby Mincer, Burlington, Iowa; 5. Jordan Goldesberry, Springfield; 6. Joey Moughan, Loami; 7. Joe Beaver, Knoxville, Iowa; 8. Jimmy Davies, Oquawka.

Heat 03 --  1. Mark Shirshekan, Farmington, Mo.; 2. CJ Houseman, Des Moines, Iowa; 3. Justin Parrisa, Oquawka; 4. Matt Sutton, Macomb; 5. Mark Tischer, Hannibal, Mo.; 6. Kenny Bragg, Gilson; 7. Jami Losher, Pekin.

Trophy Dash 01 --  1. Kaley Gharst, Decatur; 2. Bret Tripplett, lincoln; 3. Ben Wagoner, Emden; 4. CJ Houseman, Des Moines, Iowa; 5. Ryan Beechler, McKinney, Texas; 6. Mark Shirshekan, Farmington, Mo..

Budweiser IMCA Late Models

A-Main 01 --  1. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 2. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 3. Joey Gower, Quincy; 4. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 5. Robby Warner, Quincy; 6. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 7. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 8. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 9. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo.; 10. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 11. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 12. Jason Krigbaum, Hannibal, Mo.; 13. Clint Kirkham, Camden; 14. Ron Elbe, Augusta; 15. Tommy Elston, Keokuk, Iowa.

Heat 01 --  1. Joey Gower, Quincy; 2. Billy Genenbacher, Camp Point; 3. Tommy Elston, Keokuk, Iowa; 4. Robby Warner, Quincy; 5. Justin Jennings, La Grange, Mo.; 6. Dustin Neese, Nebo; 7. Matthew Bailey, Quincy; 8. Jason Krigbaum, Hannibal, Mo..

Heat 02 --  1. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy; 2. Denny Woodworth, Mendon; 3. Keith Pratt, Mendon; 4. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 5. Darin Weisinger, Mendon; 6. Ron Elbe, Augusta; 7. Clint Kirkham, Camden.

Miller Lite UMP Modifieds

A-Main 01 --  1. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 2. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 3. David Wietholder, Liberty; 4. Ryan Meyer, Liberty; 5. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 6. Michael Long, Quincy; 7. James Leffew, Quincy; 8. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 9. Gary Wilson, Frankford, Mo.; 10. Mike Vanderiet Jr., Mexico, Mo.; 11. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 12. Travis Griffith, Liberty; 13. Todd Reed, Quincy; 14. Ben Huff, Fowler; 15. Ryan Morrison, Quincy; 16. Terry Wilson, Bowling Green, Mo.; 17. Ryan Porter, Colchester; 18. Bill Parks, Colchester.

Heat 01 --  1. Steven DeLonjay, Quincy; 2. Shawn Deering, Quincy; 3. Mike Vanderiet Jr., Mexico, Mo.; 4. James Leffew, Quincy; 5. Ben Huff, Fowler; 6. Travis Griffith, Liberty.

Heat 02 --  1. Michael Long, Quincy; 2. Jared Schlipman, Mendon; 3. David Wietholder, Liberty; 4. Ryan Porter, Colchester; 5. Gary Wilson, Frankford, Mo.; 6. Bill Parks, Colchester.

Heat 03 --  1. Vance Wilson, Quincy; 2. Ryan Meyer, Liberty; 3. Jake Griffin, Quincy; 4. Todd Reed, Quincy; 5. Ryan Morrison, Quincy; 6. Terry Wilson, Bowling Green, Mo..

Triple R Performance Engines IMCA Stock Cars

A-Main 01 --  1. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 2. Abe Huls, Carthage; 3. Jerry Jansen, Plainville; 4. Beau Taylor, Canton, Mo.; 5. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 6. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 7. John Oliver Jr., Danville, Iowa; 8. Kelly Bartz, Quincy; 9. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 10. Cale Samberg, Burlington, Iowa; 11. Derek Sammons, Kahoka, Mo.; 12. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw.

Heat 01 --  1. Aaron Brocksieck, Camp Point; 2. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw; 3. John Oliver Jr., Danville, Iowa; 4. Cale Samberg, Burlington, Iowa; 5. Kelly Bartz, Quincy; 6. Derek Sammons, Kahoka, Mo..

Heat 02 --  1. Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling; 2. Beau Taylor, Canton, Mo.; 3. Abe Huls, Carthage; 4. Kevin Tomlinson, New London, Mo.; 5. Andrew Griffin, Golden; 6. Jerry Jansen, Plainville.

KRNQ Pepsi Inside Track Hobby Stocks

A-Main 01 --  1. Bobby Anders, Hull; 2. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 4. Jake Powers, Plainville; 5. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 6. Adam Scott, Payson; 7. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 8. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 9. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 10. Travis Kelle, Quincy; 11. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 12. Wesley Mayfield, Hull; 13. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 14. Bryan Cookson, Golden.

Heat 01 --  1. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. Jake Powers, Plainville; 3. Nathan Hayes, Quincy; 4. Jim Powell, Hannibal, Mo.; 5. Justin Bartz, Quincy; 6. Jeremy Buss, Fowler; 7. Bryan Cookson, Golden.

Heat 02 --  1. Bobby Anders, Hull; 2. Steve Carlin, Hannibal, Mo.; 3. Tanner Klingele, Quincy; 4. Nathan Anders, Quincy; 5. Travis Kelle, Quincy; 6. Wesley Mayfield, Hull; 7. Adam Scott, Payson.

Summy Tire & Auto Center Wild Things

A-Main 01 --  1. William Michel, Farmington, Iowa; 2. Craig Bangert, Golden; 3. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 4. Brandon Lambert, Carthage; 5. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 6. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 7. Wesley Rensch, Rushville; 8. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 9. Casey Lambert, Carthage; 10. Chris Watkins, Winfield, Mo.; 11. Devin Still, Anabel, Mo.; 12. Chuck Fullenkamp, Fort Madison, Iowa.

Heat 01 --  1. William Michel, Farmington, Iowa; 2. Devin Still, Anabel, Mo.; 3. Casey Kendrick, New London, Mo.; 4. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point; 5. Casey Lambert, Carthage; 6. Chris Watkins, Winfield, Mo..

Heat 02 --  1. Chuck Fullenkamp, Fort Madison, Iowa; 2. Wesley Rensch, Rushville; 3. Seith Woodruff, Carthage; 4. Austin Uppinghouse, Payson; 5. Craig Bangert, Golden; 6. Brandon Lambert, Carthage.



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