IMCA updates list of approved ignition boxes, rev limiters

VINTON, Iowa (April 19, 2011) - Ignition boxes available from four manufacturers will be legal for use in IMCA Modified and IMCA Late Model divisions this season.

“With changes in the rules for 2011, we want to make sure drivers know what will be rev limiter compatible before they make any purchases.” IMCA Vice President of Operations Brett Root explained. “It’s a matter of not only cost but preventing any tech inspection issues on opening night.”

Modified drivers are required to compete with a maximum 7,800 rpm rev limiter chip, Late Model drivers with a 8,000 rpm maximum chip this season.

Approved ignition boxes and rev limiters for the two divisions include:

MSD Ignition

6T Oval Track, p/n 6400 – must use plug-in MSD p/n 8738 Soft Touch Rev-Limiter

6AL, p/n 6420

6ALN, p/n 6430

6HVC. p/n 6601

6HVC, p/n 6631 (Deutsch Plug)

6HVC, p/n 6632 (Deutsch Plug)

Digital 6AL, p/n 6425

Soft Touch Rev-Limiter, p/n 8728 – use with GM, Ford, Mopar points, amplifier, or magnetic pickup distributors/ignitions. 8728-6 w/pigtail is also legal.

Soft Touch Rev-Limiter, p/n 8738 – use with 6 series ignition boxes w/pigtail

MSD E-Curve Distributor is not legal.

HEI Distributors: must use MSD p/n 8728 Soft Touch Rev-limiter or DUI P/N 380777.

Note: Circuit board modules with built-in rev-limiters are not acceptable. You can continue to use the module but you will have to use one of the two rev-limiters.

MSD Chip Values:

6,200 RPM Module = 4,787.7 Ohms ± 1%. Max reading is 4, 835.6 Ohms

7,800 RPM Module = 6,646.4 Ohms ± 1%. Max reading is 6,712.9 Ohms

8,000 RPM Module = 6,904.0 Ohms ± 1%. Max reading is 6,973.0 Ohms

Late Model Only – Magnetos

MSD Pro-Mag Magnetos: Must use Pro Mag Box p/n 8106 w/max 8,000 RPM chip.

Vertex and Mallory Magnetos: Manufactured by ETC, Inc (307-856-1637) and available through their stocking dealer – Fuel Injection Enterprises at 541-990-2485

CRANE Ignition

HI-6N Oval track Ignition, p/n 6000-6400

HI-6N Oval track Ignition, p/n 6000-6410 (Weatherpak Plug)

HI-6N Oval track Ignition, p/n 6000-6412 (Deutsch Plug)

HI-6RL Late Model Ignition, p/n 6000-6480: sealed, preset 8000 RPM Limit

HI-6RL Modified Ignition, p/n 6000-6478: sealed, preset 7800 RPM Limit

MALLORY Ignition

HYFIRE 6AL Digital CD Ignition, p/n 6853M

HYFIRE Off Road w/rev limiter, p/n 6867M

IGN, CT Pro w/rev limiter, p/n 6864M

Max-Fire Electronic Programmable Distributor is not legal.

ACCEL Ignition

300+ Ignition w/rev limiter, p/n 49300

DUI – Rev Limiter Part# 380777 may be used with HEI distributor


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