34 Raceways and Quincy Raceways announces new two track points fund for the IMCA Late Model Division for 2011
By Jack Walbring

QUINCY, IL (December 06, 2010) - Jeff and Amy Laue from Burlington, Iowa’s 34 Raceways and Tony Rhinberger and Paul Holtschlag from Quincy Raceways have announced a new two track point fund for the IMCA Late Model division for the 2011 race season. This new “Bonus Bucks” effort between the two IMCA Late Model sanctioned tracks is designed to help stabilize and enhance the great late model racing tradition at these two tracks with a long and rich tradition of late model competition. It is the hope that this point fund will improve for an increase of the number of participants at both tracks IMCA Late Model division will help provide for a stable base for Late Model racing in the Tri-State area.

The Q34 IMCA Late Model Points Fund will be based upon the traditional IMCA points structure with the addition of bonus points awarded for any driver who meets the eligibility requirements that wins one or both Track Championship Titles. A driver must compete at a minimum of 75% of the races at both tracks to be eligible but 100% participation at both tracks is not needed for a points fund payout. Points from the best finishes out of 75% of the races from each track will be used to determine the points standings for each driver. An example would be that a driver who competes in 100% of all races at both track would count the best 75% of their finishes at each track to determine their points total.

The Q34 Point Fund for 2011 will be a guaranteed minimum of $3000 paying $1000 to the winner, $800 for second, $500 for third, $400 for fourth and $300 for fifth. Both tracks are currently seeking sponsors to increase that $3000 to $5000 or more with a $5000 point fund paying out $1500 to win, $1000 to second, $600 to third, $500 to fourth, $400 to fifth, $300 to sixth, $250 to seventh, $200 to eighth, $150 to ninth and $100 to tenth. If more than $5000 can be raised, the payout will be increased as well. This “Bonus Bucks Combined Points Fund” is over and above any other track, state, region and national points funds offered for the IMCA Late Model class. The exact details and race schedule for both tracks will be released at a later date as schedules are formulated. It is the intention of both track to have this program apply to all regular points races for the IMCA Late Models at both 34 Raceway and Quincy Raceways. 34 Raceway will have approximately 14 events for the IMCA Late Model division on the schedule for 2011 with 18 or 19 events scheduled at Quincy Raceways.

34 Raceway has also announced that the payoff for that tracks IMCA Late Models will now be a minimum of $125 to start the main event with both tracks now paying non-qualifiers/tow money of $75. Contact Amy Laue at 34 Raceway at 319-750-3454 or Tony Rhinberger at Quincy Raceways at 217-653-0829 with any questions.


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